What Time of the Year is it Best to Paint the Exterior of a House?

House Painting - 365 Painting SolutionsCould the exterior of your house do with some freshening up? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to make a property look as good as new. Painting isn’t just great for improving the curb appeal of your home but also protecting the exterior surface of the house from damage as a result of exposure to the elements. However, painting the exterior surfaces of your home is not a job that you can do any time of the year. Can you imagine painting a wall during a heavy spring downpour? You may have searched online for ‘What time of year is best to paint exterior of house’ and landed here. We at 365 Painting Solutions are professional painters. We discuss how to decide when to paint your home below.


When is the best time to paint exterior of house?

If you’re trying to decide ‘when is the best time to paint a house?’ consider the weather conditions and choose a time when the weather is cooperative. You should choose a time that will help the paint dry more quickly.

The rate at which paint dries is directly related to weather conditions such as temperature and precipitation. The ideal weather for painting a house is when it is warm and dry. This will help the paint to dry more quickly. It also ensures that the surfaces you are painting are dry and can therefore absorb and hold the paint more readily. You will avoid situations such as peeling of paint in the future as a result.

Before you paint the surfaces on your home, be sure that the weather has been warm and dry for a few days prior to applying paint. It is also important to ensure that it will shine for a few days after painting the surfaces. This will ensure that the paint cures properly.

So when is the best time to paint a house? The ideal weather for painting a house is during summer. Early summer and early fall offer great conditions for painting. The rain is minimal during these periods. There are also minimal fluctuations in temperature during the day and night. It is warm at night and during the day which facilitates the curing of the paint.

Can it be too warm to paint a house?

You may be wondering why we’ve recommended painting the exterior of your home during early summer or early fall. If the curing of paint is hastened with higher temperatures, isn’t it best to paint your house during the height of summer when it is very hot and dry? The answer is no. When you choose to paint when it is too hot, the paint could dry too quickly. The results will be less ideal when this happens. You will be left with ugly brush marks and may even have clumps of paint on the surfaces if the paint dries too quickly.

In addition, for the sake of your health and safety, it is best to avoid being out in the hot sun painting for hours. You may suffer heat stroke or other conditions as a result of overexposure to heat and sunshine. It is best to stick to early summer or late fall. These periods will not be too hot. They will also not be too dry. While you want to avoid times of high humidity or precipitation, you also want to avoid painting your house when the humidity levels are too low.

Consult a professional exterior painting company

The easiest way to determine ‘When is the best time to paint exterior of house’ is by consulting with a professional exterior painting company. The professionals at 365 Painting Solutions are committed to providing our clients with the best results in exterior painting. We will advise you on the best time to paint your house and provide you with professional painting services. Our technicians are specialists that are trained and experienced in exterior house painting. We come fully equipped to carry out the job and will ensure the best finish.

Contact us now if you want to breathe life into the exterior of your home. We will help you achieve the results you’re after.