Top 10 Paint Colors for a Modern Home Interior

The paint color you choose for your home interior sets the backdrop for the rest of your home’s décor. Your home’s walls are the blank canvas on which you build your personal style. The color you choose for your interior will set the tone for your home. Modern interior design trends are changing and so are the colors that set the backdrop for these trends. While neutrals are still popular, you no longer need to be afraid to be bold in order to achieve a modern home interior. 365 Painting Solutions is an expert house painter Sammamish residents trust for great results. Below, we share some of the colors that are becoming popular choices for modern homes.

1. Green

Green continues to be one of the most popular choices for the modern home interior. Green in all its shades is dominating all interior styles. Whether your style is bohemian, modern, or steampunk, green’s calming effect will work perfectly in your home.

2. Red

While it’s bold and perfect for the modern kitchen, more subtle shades of red are now making their way to other parts of the home. These deeper and more romantic shades of red provide for a warmer interior and are perfect for any room in the home.

3. Blue

If there is one color you can’t go wrong with when painting interior walls, it’s blue. Blue is a tried and true favorite for any room in the home. It is an especially great choice if you want to venture out of neutrals but are still too scared to take the plunge. Blue offers the same calming and cool feeling that neutrals such as gray offer while still adding a pop of color. Try bolder shades of blue for a more modern look.

4. Gray

Gray, though neutral, is still a favorite for modern interiors. Gray offers the perfect neutral backdrop for any interior style. You can achieve different feels with different tones of gray too. Dark gray is perfect for making a dramatic statement. Darker tones of gray are great for adding a sense of formality. Light gray is perfect for giving that cooling and calming effect. It is great for creating a calming and relaxing environment. Gray can also be combined with other colors for a different effect. Gray-purple for example offers a warm and inviting atmosphere.

5. Pearl

White is understandably one of the most popular colors used for home interiors. It offers a blank canvas on which to build your décor. However, it can be stark and sterile. Pearl offers that clean look with a softer touch. This softer tone of white offers an inviting backdrop to any interior décor style. You could spend the whole day in a room with pearl walls and never want to leave. This color is perfect for creating a modern cozy space.

6. Yellow

This bold color is perfect for those that aren’t afraid to try something new and different. Yellow offers a warming effect. Various shades of yellow are making their way into different rooms in the home. While darker and bolder shades were once reserved for spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, we are seeing more people incorporate bold yellows in their living rooms and other such areas in the home. Sunny yellow walls will brighten up your interior. Whether you have large or small windows, your room will look large and bright.

7. Ebony

Although it may seem a little moody or even somber, ebony is a great backdrop for any interior design style. It is perfect for creating a cozy space. Modern interiors are using this color not just on the walls but also on the ceiling. It is perfect for a warm and inviting entertainment space.

8. Khaki

Yes, khaki isn’t just great for clothes but also for creating a warm and inviting space. It is a great choice for those looking for something outside the box. It’s perfect for any interior design style.

9. Violet

Add a touch of fun and a splash of color with violet. This romantic color is perfect for creating a bold statement. This color is not only great for walls but also for ceilings. Match it with unique patterns in your furniture and upholstery for an even more dramatic look.

10. Marigold

This classic and quirky color is perfect for a warm and inviting interior. Marigold forms a unique background and offers a sense of timelessness. The color is great for any room in the modern home. If you’re looking for a house painter Sammamish resident trust, contact 365 Painting Solutions. We offer comprehensive painting solutions.