Kitchen Trends | The Latest Designs and Ideas for This Year

Kitchen Trends The Latest Designs and Ideas for This Year - 365 Painting Solutions

The kitchen is the workhorse of any modern home. The modern kitchen is used for much more than food preparation. It is the space where the family interacts, kids do their homework, bills are paid and only the closest friends are invited for a glass of wine and the latest neighborhood gossip. The kitchen has evolved into a living space and a home office. From what we can see from the latest kitchen trends, the kitchen’s evolution is far from over. Considering the latest kitchen designs will not only make your kitchen more stylish but also more practical. You can turn your kitchen into a multifunctional room that suits the needs of your household.

We’ve thrown together some of the latest and best kitchen design ideas that would be worth considering for your kitchen update. Be sure to incorporate any of these ideas into your kitchen to create a stylish and functional space.

Maximum efficiency, minimal clutter

Modern kitchens are less about square footage and more about how well you can make use of the space that is available to you. Modern kitchen designs are easily recognizable for their minimal clutter and efficient use of space. This is true for both large and small kitchens. However, it is even more important for smaller kitchens with limited space. Every inch of space must be considered and be carefully laid out.

One way of achieving that minimal look and increasing efficiency is by installing cabinetry along the wall. Tall units are particularly beneficial in small spaces such as galley kitchens. Breakfast bars and kitchen islands have become smaller with many people opting for floating or open islands that provide the opportunity for additional seating.

Go darker

Blacks and other dark colors were once unheard of in the kitchen. However, the latest trends show that dark kitchen paint colors are now the way to go with your kitchen. We are seeing a shift towards the use of dark countertops and worktops. Many of the latest kitchen trends also feature dark accents, splash backs and floors.

Dark kitchen paint colors on accent walls are also gaining popularity. Many people are including a dark chalkboard wall that not only draws attention and makes the room look larger and more streamlined but also doubles up as a noticeboard and activity space for younger members of the family.

Downdraft extractors

Extraction of odors and vapors in the kitchen is important for keeping the space free of odors and humidity. Extraction technology has come a long way. Say goodbye to those large overhead hoods and hello to the more discrete downdraft extractors. These extractors are an especially great option for open-plan kitchens as well as kitchens with a limited space or head room. The downdraft extractors take up minimal space and are hidden away from view. They are integrated with the hob which is perfect for achieving that minimal design.

Captivate with your tile layouts

Captivating tile formations are one of the biggest trends we are seeing with kitchen designs. While in past years more emphasis was placed on the patterns on the tiles, the latest kitchen trends place more emphasis on how the tiles are laid out. We’re seeing tiles with classic shapes and plain designs being laid out to form captivating layouts.

Layouts are being created with different sized tiles that feature different shapes. Some of the most common layouts include herringbone, staggered brick and simple linear layouts.

Smart storage

A modern kitchen would not be complete without some clever storage. As mentioned earlier, efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to modern designs. Smart storage is key for keeping the kitchen clutter free. This is especially important if you enjoy cooking and have a kitchen stocked with bits and pieces of equipment and ingredients. Concealed storage will help you maintain that clean minimal and clutter-free look. Think hidden kitchen larders.

Concealed appliances

While you may be proud of the selection of gadgets you have procured for your kitchen, your kitchen can begin to feel cluttered if all your appliances are left on surfaces. Keeping your appliances concealed will help to maintain that clean and minimal look. Some of the best kitchen design ideas feature concealment solutions such as cabinets with outlets where you can use some appliances without moving them about the kitchen.

We hope that these kitchen design ideas will inspire you to think outside the box when deciding on the design for your kitchen. Get in touch with us, 365 Paining Solutions, to achieve a modern look with kitchen paint colors.