How to Prepare Your House for Exterior Painting

Could your house do with a facelift? A new coat of paint can work wonders for your home. You can change the look of your home completely or give it a fresh look. A fresh coat of paint will greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. However, this is only if the job is done right. Exterior painting preparation is just as important as the actual painting process. We at 356 Painting Solutions have assisted many home owners achieve the effects they were after with exterior house painting. Below we offer our expert advice on house paint prep for the best results.

Why You Should Invest in Exterior Painting

There are many benefits of painting the exterior of your house.

  1. Protection to the exterior of your home

Painting your home provides an extra layer of protection for your home. It protects the home from the elements including rain, snow, dirt, rain and sun. Investing in exterior painting is cheaper than having to repair your home.

  1. Increasing the value of your home

If you’re planning to sell your home, painting is a great way to ensure you get a good price for it when you put it on the market. A good paint job will increase the curb appeal of your home and therefore increase its value. Your home will look well maintained and will attract greater interest from potential buyers. You will work less to get it sold.

  1. Increased satisfaction

Who wouldn’t want to live in a house that is the envy of the neighborhood? That is exactly what your house will be after a good paint job. Your house will look pristine and well maintained. You will feel proud to pull up to your house. You will have a deeper sense of satisfaction living in your beautiful house.

Preparing House for Painting Exterior

  1. Secure the site

Another important step to take in preparing house for painting exterior is to ensure safety on the site. This includes devising a plan to keep pets and young children away from the site. We at 365 Painting Solutions adhere to the highest safety standards. We will secure the areas where the work is being done. We will also advise you on how best to keep your pets and young children away from the site to ensure their safety.

  1. Protect your landscape

Painting the exterior of a house can be a messy job depending on the style of your house. It is important to ensure that the landscape around your home is protected. Our team will ensure your landscape is protected from damage during the painting process. We will only use designated pathways to minimize damage to the landscape. We will also cover bushes and other parts of the landscape to minimize exposure to paint. Our team will also take the time to clean up and restore your property.

  1. Make repairs

Exterior painting preparation offers a great opportunity to get the exterior of your house repaired. Carrying out repairs will prevent damage from becoming worse. You can avoid expensive repairs in future and also ensure that your paint job lasts for longer.

The first step we take at 365 Painting Solutions is to inspect the exterior surfaces of your home for damage. We identify any potential problems such as rotting wood, chips or cracks. We provide repair solutions designed to last. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from damage.

  1. Scrape and sand surfaces

If the surface was previously painted, you will need to have the old paint scraped and sanded down. This will ensure an attractive finish. If you paint over flaking paint, the new coat of paint is likely to flake off too. Neglecting sanding will also result in an uneven finish.

Our team will ensure all flaking paint is scraped off the exterior surfaces of your home. We use sanding machines to smooth the surface for the best finish.

  1. Clean the surfaces

It is important to ensure that the surfaces that will be painted are clean and free of dust and debris. Dust and debris will prevent the paint from adhering to the surface. A dirty surface will also result in an uneven finish.

Our team will clean your home using the best cleaning techniques and solutions to get rid of dirt, grime and other environmental contaminants. Our cleaning techniques will not only get rid of dirt but also serve to protect your home from damage from contaminants such as mold and mildew.

  1. Application of primer

For the best results, a primer must be applied to the surface. The primer improves the adherence of the paint to the surface. Applying a primer is important for ensuring that you can enjoy your results for longer.

Our team also applies grit or sand to the surface. This is done after applying the primer. It ensures the surface is not too slick and improves safety.

Proper house paint prep is essential for great results. Contact 365 Painting Solutions for professional house exterior painting.