How Much Should It Cost to Have the Exterior of My House Painted?

Painted House Exterior - 365 Painting SolutionsAre you looking for a way to freshen up your home? A fresh coat of paint will go a long way in improving the curb appeal of your home. You can also use a fresh coat of paint to completely transform the look of your home by using a different paint colour. While all this sounds exciting, the real question is, you will first have to consider how much it will cost to paint your home. We, 365 Painting Solutions, have helped many property owners transform their properties with exterior painting. Below we offer some answers to the question ‘how much will it cost to paint an exterior of a house?’ We also offer a look at what will affect your house painting cost.


Average Cost to Paint a House Exterior

The average cost to paint a house exterior is between $1000 and $6000. This is the average cost of painting the average home that is between 1500 and 2500 square feet in size. Professionals often provide an estimate for the cost of painting the exterior of a house based on the area of the walls to be painted and not the size of the home in terms of square footage.

How to estimate the exterior painting cost

The actual exterior painting cost for your home will vary depending on various factors. These include:

· The total paintable area

A 1500 square foot does not always have 1500 square foot walls. The total square footage of the exterior walls will probably range between 1000 and 2500 square feet. In addition to this, the paintable area will be less than the total finished area of the exterior walls. In order to determine the total paintable area, you would need to deduct the total area of windows and doors from the total finished area. You can then use this to determine the total cost of painting based on the cost per square foot provided by the painting contractor.

· The type of material to be painted

The cost of painting per square foot will also be affected by the type of surface being painted. This is because different surfaces require different levels of preparation prior to painting. For example, vinyl siding is easy to paint and does not require a lot of pre-treatment. In fact, if you want to use the same colour, you can easily start painting after simply cleaning the surfaces. Brick walls require less paint and time to paint. Wood siding requires a lot of preparation and at least two coats of paint in order to achieve a good finish.

· The prep work involved in the project

If you want to achieve great results it’s important to ensure that the surfaces being painted are in good condition and ready for the painting. Prep work may involve anything from patching, fixing loose siding, scraping, sanding, pressure washing, caulking to priming, cleaning and replacing siding. The cost of the painting of your walls will be affected by the level of prep work involved in the project. If there is more prep work required, your costs will increase.

· The structure of your house

This includes the number of stories, the architectural style as well as the age of your house. Taller buildings cost more as it takes extra equipment to access the higher parts. It also takes longer to set up and prepare the surfaces. You will also pay more to paint a house with an elaborate exterior design compared to a home with a simple exterior design. Those intricate details will make it harder to reach some areas. They will also mean working more carefully and slowly.

· The location of your home

Your location will also influence the cost of painting your walls. Your geographic location will influence the cost of labour, the cost of materials and the cost of delivery of equipment. The rate for painting is influenced by the cost of living in the region.

If you want to know exactly how much it will ‘cost to paint the exterior of the house, contact us, 365 Painting Solutions. We’ll come to your location and provide you with an accurate quotation for the work. We provide competitive rates to ensure our clients get the best value for money.