interior paintersThinking of giving the interior of your home a facelift? A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to refresh the interior of your home or completely change its look and feel. There’s no better way to add your personal touch to the interior of your home than with interior painting. But then, you may be wondering how much interior house painting costs. We at 365 Painting Solutions are committed to providing our clients with cost effective painting solutions. We’ve provided you with a breakdown of everything that goes into determining the house interior painting cost in any job. Keep on reading to learn more.

Variables that affect interior painting costs

Many home painting contractors base their charges on the size of the surface being painted. However, the actual house painting costs for any project will vary depending on the factors listed below.

  • Presence of things on the walls

Are there any items on the wall that need to be removed such as photos, paintings or furniture? Houses that have a lot of clutter or wall coverings attract higher painting rates. This is because more time and energy is required to clear the walls in order to paint them.

  • The prep work for the surfaces

Prep work must be carried out prior to house painting to ensure great results that will last for longer. Prep work varies depending on the surface being painted. For example, prepping plaster is more involving and therefore more expensive than prepping drywall. Prep work may also involve repairing damaged surfaces.

  • The height of the walls

The height of the walls has a direct impact on the volume of paint that will be needed for the job. The average house in Sammamish has walls that are anywhere between 8 and 10 feet tall. Walls that are taller than this may attract higher painting rates.

  • The number of coats of paint

The number of coats of paint required will have an impact on the volume of paint required. Lighter colors for example only require 3 to 4 coats of paint. If you want to achieve darker or richer colors, you may require more coats. This will attract a higher rate.

  • The number of colors

How many colors do you wish to paint your interior? Many people go with about 5 different colors. If you wish to have a more elaborate look featuring many colors, house painting will cost you more money.

  • The time of the year

There aren’t many people seeking home painting services in the winter months. Business is therefore often slower for painting companies in November right through to March. This is a great time to seek these services. You could score a nice discount and save money on interior painting costs.

  • The existing conditions

Is your wall covered with latex or oil-based paint? This will impact the paint that will be used for the job. Latex paints are often much cheaper than oil-based paints.

How much does it cost to paint a house in Sammamish?

The actual house interior painting cost varies from one project to the next. However, the average interior painting costs for 8-foot walls that are in decent shape (for 2 coats of paint) will be as follows.

  • Painting an interior bedroom wall that is 10ft by 10ft is between $650 and $750.
  • Painting 3 to 4 bedroom walls is $1575 to $2100.
  • Painting an entire house with 2500 sq foot walls is $6500 – $7000.

If you’re thinking or refreshing or completely changing up your interior, get in touch with us. We provide professional home painting services at competitive rates. We’ll save you time, money and effort while giving you high-quality results.