Our Vision

We will transform your space by utilizing creativity, design, teamwork, and unmatched skill.

We are laser focused on making our customers lives, as well as our employees lives, better. We only hire individuals who have their clients and their coworkers' best interests at heart. Once hired, all 365 Painting Solutions employees are trained on our “Concept to Clean-Up Process”. Our employees are your trusted painters as well as your teammates.

Our Mission

Our mission is positioned to align with what the industry and our customers value.

  • Relentless focus on our customers & our employees
  • Partnering with the best paint manufacturers in the industry
  • Development of best-in-class processes, customer service & experiences
  • Passion for continuous education in our field
  • Commitment to communication & transparency

Our Values

Our beliefs and principles drive our business to ensure our employees work better and our customers are always satisifed.

  • Integrity
  • Trusted relationships
  • Passion for excellence
  • Building a community
  • Knowledge and education
  • Attention to detail in every step

Locations we serve

What Matters to Us

Project Details

At 365 Painting Solutions, we train our employees on our “Concept to Clean-Up Process." This means that our trusted team will have a clear understanding of your project and what is needed to complete it on time.  We will communicate with you and provide transparency to ensure your needs are being met.

Product Knowledge

We are very thoughtful on what products we use on our projects. With over 25 years of product knowledge, we know that there is not a one size fits all approach to paint products. We only partner with the industry leaders in paint, and we will determine the right paint for your project.

Our Warranty

Because we believe so strongly in our relationships, our project details and our product knowledge,  we can offer a 7-year, industry standard warranty on our painting projects. This means you can have confidence we will be there for you, even after the paint has dried and your project is complete.