About Us


Our Vision
To transform our customers’ spaces through creativity and design

Our Mission
To ensure our customers’ success by:

  • Relentless focus on our customers and our employees
  • Partnering with the best paint manufacturers in the industry
  • Development of best-in-class processes, customer service and experiences
  • Passion for continuous education in our field
  • And commitment to open communication

Our Values
Integrity, community, relationships, passion for excellence, education, attention to detail.


  • Unparalleled dedication to project details
  • Structured and orderly work environment
  • Stand behind our work
  • Guarantee a level of high quality
  • Meet PDCA & manufacture requirements to ensure product longevity



Our customers and our employees are the two most important partnerships we have. We focus every day on making our customers lives, as well as our employees lives better. Because of this we only hire individuals who have their clients and their coworker’s interests at heart. Once hired, all 365 Painting Solutions employees are trained on our “Concept to Clean-Up Process”. When your project is started, our employees will not only be your painters, they will become your friends.

Project Details

Once a project has been approved there is still a lot to do.  At 365 Painting Solutions, we train all our employees on our “Concept to Clean-Up Process”. This means that all members of our crew will have a clear understanding of your project, and what is needed to complete it in the best possible manner.  From day one until we leave, we will communicate with you and with our team to ensure your needs are being met.

Product Knowledge

We are very thoughtful on what products we use on projects. With over 18 years of product knowledge, we know that there is not a one size fits all approach to paint products. We only partner with the industry leaders in paint, and working with you will we determine the right paint for your project.


Because we believe so strongly in our RELATIONSHIPS, our PROJECT DETAILS and our PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE we can offer a TEN-YEAR Warranty on our painting projects. This means you can have confidence we will be there for you, even after your project is complete.